Nothing Phones में आया एक बड़ा Update | Android 14


Nothing OS 2.5 for Phone (1) is now rolling out, presenting our most substantial update since the launch of OS 2.0. This update is packed with exciting new features and improvements. Nothing Phones Update .

Here’s what you can expect:


  • Redesigned the Home Screen and Lock Screen customization page for a more comprehensive view of options.
  • Introduced the new Atmosphere wallpaper effect, transforming your background photo into a dynamic wallpaper with a seamless transition between lock and home screens.
  • Added solid color wallpapers for a cleaner Home Screen appearance.
  • Included a monochrome color theme in the basic color section.

Glyph Interface:

  • Direct access to the Glyph Interface’s Music Visualization feature.
  • Improved Glyph light playback effect when synchronizing with your device’s audio.
  • Added a new Glyph animation for NFC usage.
  • Enhanced the Flip to Glyph experience.


  • Customizable double-press power button to quickly access a chosen feature.
  • More Lock Screen shortcut options like Do Not Disturb, mute, QR code scanner, and video camera.
  • Capture screenshots quickly with a three-finger swipe gesture.
  • New screenshot editor and menu for advanced editing features and quick deletions.
  • Refreshed the back gesture arrow visual to align with Nothing’s style.

Quick Settings:

  • Added support for switching ring modes in Quick Settings.
  • Directly set your network via Quick Settings without unlocking the device.
  • Updated Quick Settings layout and support to show more device icons.

New Widgets:

  • Pedometer Widget: Track daily steps directly from the home screen, set goals, and monitor progress.
  • Media Player Widget: Display the currently playing song and control music on the move.
  • Screen Time Widget: Monitor and manage daily screen time for a healthy digital lifestyle.

More Improvements:

  • Optimized the Weather app experience and improved weather alert notifications.
  • Made it possible to set ringtone and notification sound volumes separately, with an updated volume control interface.
  • Automatically excludes the preview of the previous screenshot when taking continuous screenshots.
  • Improved the stability of the camera.
  • Enhanced the overall smoothness and responsiveness of the system for a more fluid user experience.
  • Enhanced system stability and improved battery life.
To upgrade, go to Settings > System > System Update.

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